When you choose an attorney, you’re gambling your best possible future on a total stranger, and that’s a scary thing.

The moment you talk to Attorney Sara Chaca, you’re going to feel comfort and know you chose the right person. She’s polite and compassionate where you’ll feel like you have a guardian who sees you as a real person with a real life to defend, and not just a case number. More importantly, she’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced and she’s capable of creating incredible positive outcomes from situations that may seem like they’re hopeless. After a few years of difficulty trying to acquire my Resident Visa and securing a new Cedula, I contacted and made an appointment with Sara. She and her staff walked me through the process and basically held my hand throughout the entire process.

Attorney Sara Chaca and her staff speak fluent English which cancelled out the need of having to hire a translator. Attorney Sara Chaca is the recipient of Cuenca’s “2024 Best Attorney” (Gringo Post) and so very deserving of this prestigious acknowledgment. Whether it’s a Resident Visa, Wills, Citizenship, etc. or any other legal matter, you’ll never trust any Attorney more than Sara after you take the initial leap of faith in choosing her.

Carl Joseph T.
Resident Visa & Cedula (USA)