Would you like to live in the picturesque country of Ecuador? To meet embassy requirements, interested parties must first secure an Ecuadoran visa. This may seem like a simple process, but filing the correct documents in the proper sequence – is key to securing fast approval.

Top Considerations When Applying for Visas in Ecuador (Gringo Visas)

  • Presentation is Key – unless you’re a native of Ecuador, you may not know that the Ecuadorian Embassy often pays keen attention to appearance of paperwork filed, as well as how applicants present themselves during the interview.
  • Assets – the embassy will evaluate the applicant’s assets, and analyze how making a living will be tenable.
  • Eligibility – the applicant needs to prove all requirements of each visa type are met. A lawyer can help.

The application isn’t a cut-and-dry process, as there are several forms or Visas to select from.

Types of Visas
There are a total of 12 Ecuadorian Visas offered, that are classified in alpha-numeric order. Some of the most popular include:

  • The Foreign Pension Visa Program – perfect for retirees. These are otherwise known as Visa 9: I.
  • Investment Visas in Ecuador – which entails investing in bonds, insurance, real estate, stakes in companies and more. Apply for Visa 9: II if you’d like to make a sound investment in this booming South American country.
  • Visa 9: III – explores investments with a minimum of $30,000 by a foreign national in industries like agriculture and livestock. Visa 9: III requires that companies are established in Ecuador, similar to EB5 programs in the United States.
  • Visa 9: IV caters to general attorneys, employees, religious clergies, and the foreign press.
  • Visa 9: V checkmarks categorized professionals, while Visa 9: VI adjusts the status of those related by family or marriage.
  • Visa 12 allows students, workers, missionaries, cultural exchange members, tourists, and sports authorities to live and carry out their duties in Ecuador in a legal manner.

How to Expedite the Process of Getting a Visa for Ecuador

Some of the tips when applying include:

Making the Right Choice – review each visa category with a qualified attorney to determine which one best matches your current situation. Retirees who qualify for pension for instance would need to select Visa 9: I.

Sitting It Out – experienced immigration attorneys advise clients to commence the application in their homeland, in order to ensure that access to mandatory documents are on hand.

Consult a Specialty Visa Attorney in Ecuador – in the event that there is a denial or some other hiccup in the application process, a qualified attorney is able to mitigate quickly and find fitting solutions.

Once approved, a notice will be sent in the mail, or to the immigration attorney.

Contact a seasoned immigration attorney, and speak with one of the legal advisors or accountants at Ecuador Visas, and of course Sara Chaca, to have an Ecuador Visa Stamp for your passport approved and issued immediately!

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