As our 100% GUARANTEE AND PROMISE to you as per your Ecuador Visa Assistance that our office performs on your behalf, we provide you with a WRITTEN CONTRACTUAL GUARANTEE STATING THAT IF FOR ANY REASON either or both your Ecuador Visa Application Form or your Ecuador Immigration Requirements (i.e. your Required Documents) are declined by the Ecuadorian Immigration Ministry, other than due to a lack of compliance by you to provide your Ecuador Visa Requirements Documents as, how and when required by the Ecuadorian Immigration Ministry, we shall in such case immediately reimburse 100% of the Ecuador Visa Fees that you have paid to and for our office with respect to your Ecuador Residency Process. That is our office’s Ecuador Visa Policy for your security and peace of mind in your own Moving to Ecuador Visa Process!

What we can help you with:

$1500 for any Adult individual “Primary Applicant” (this INCLUDES all Ecuadorian Government Visa Fees) – $1300 for any Adult Dependent over 18 years of age (this again INCLUDES all Ecuadorian Government Visa Fees) – $750 for any Minor Child below 18 years of age (this once again INCLUDES all Ecuadorian Government Visa Fees) –– This pricing is 100% Totally Inclusive for the full and entire processing of your “Ecuadorian Temporary Residency Visa”! –– And so, whether you’re wanting to learn about an Ecuador Retirement Visa for US Citizens (i.e. Ecuador Visa US Citizens), or perhaps are curious about the Ecuador Visa Requirements for Canadian Citizens, or by chance wish to make an Ecuador Visa Chinese Citizen inquiry, we proudly serve you as our Ecuador Visa client with true grace, in moving to Ecuador from any number of dozens of countries across the world, and it will be our sincere pleasure to serve you and your family now too 🙂!

A complimentary Ecuadorian Bank Account opening and/or a complimentary Ecuador Bank CD opening, as well as any complimentary Ecuador Health Insurance signup and/or complimentary Ecuador IESS signup, is provided by our office to ALL Visa clients, regardless of the type Ecuador Visa you wish to apply for! As well, no matter the Ecuador Visa Types you're considering and/or the necessary Ecuador Visa Processing Time involved to do so, when starting your new Life in Ecuador for Expats, we provide fully up to date and correct information, and serve our Ecuador Expat clients in all possible legal ways as well as requested Ecuador Visa Form that they need or want in making their Move to Ecuador..Such as, providing Ecuador Visa Help to get your Ecuador Visa as per our many forms of Ecuador Visa Assistance, as well as all Ecuador Visa Services with respect to complying with the Ecuador Pensioner Visa Requirements (also known as an Ecuador Retiree Visa, Ecuador Pensioners Visa, Ecuador 9-i Pensioner Visa [whether used in conjunction with an Ecuador Dependent Visa or by itself], Ecuador Pensionado Visa Requirements, or Ecuador Retirement Visa), Ecuador Investor Visa (also known as Ecuador Investor Immigration, Ecuador Investor Visa 9-ii, Ecuador Investment Immigration or Ecuador Investment Visa Requirements), Ecuador Professional Visa Requirements or Ecuador Professional Visa 9-v, Ecuador Business Visa Requirements, including even any Ecuador Student Visa (pretty much any Visa Ecuador you need or want!). Plus, we also provide any and all necessary information regarding Getting a Job in Ecuador or Finding a Job in Ecuador, and of course we handle any form of Ecuador Marriage Visa (also known as Ecuador Spouse Visa, Spousal Visa Ecuador, Amparo Visa Ecuador and even Foreigners Getting Married in Ecuador)! Finally, we also process all manner of Ecuador Visa Transfers from one's old Passport to one's new Passport, Renewal of Ecuadorian Bank CD or Renewal of Ecuador Visa Type, provide all services of Ecuador Legal Online, as well as the Creation and Processing of any Ecuador Power of Attorney for wiring money to any other country from Ecuador, Health Care Power of Attorney in Ecuador, Lost Passport in Ecuador and advise fully with respect to Ecuadorian Passport Requirements, any Lost Ecuadorian Cedula or for any Replacement of Ecuador Cedula, etc., etc.!!

We Handle any Ecuador Real Estate Closing or Ecuador Real Estate Purchase Transaction for $800 (all taxes, municipal costs and notarial fees are separately paid by you to/for such third party costs). We also make complimentary referrals to Ecuador Rental/Ecuador Realty Agents, who don't charge a fee unless you decide to rent or purchase through them. In addition, we assist our Clients in opening Bank Accounts in Ecuador or Bank CDs in Ecuador on a complimentary basis, as well as obtaining their Ecuadorian Driver License and/or Buying a Car in Ecuador, complying with the Ecuador Health Insurance Requirement, Ecuador IVA Tax Refund for Tourists (for Seniors in Ecuador as Residents too), Ecuador End of Life Planning Documents and Cremation in Ecuador & Ecuador Burial Customs, Registration of foreign Marriage Certificate in Ecuador, Transfer of one’s preexisting Ecuador Residency Visa stamp from any “old expired Passport” to any “new updated Passport”, Ecuador Power of Attorney for any purpose, and of course all forms of Ecuador Contract Law (Ecuador Legal Contracts) and Ecuador Legal System (Ecuador Legal Cases) of every variety or necessity here in Ecuador – simply email or call us to request a price quote for any type of Ecuador Legal Services you need or want.
We assist our Clients with Ecuador Wills for $300 (notarial fees not included for an Ecuadorian Will, if/when applicable for Wills in Ecuador). We also open Ecuador Small Business and Non Profit Organizations in Ecuador (Ecuador NGOs) for our Clients anywhere in Ecuador (pricing naturally depends on the type of Business or Ecuadorian Foundation and where in Ecuador it is to be located). And for Expats who have incurred any type of Ecuador Medical Malpractice or who are in need of any Ecuador Personal Injury Attorneys for any Ecuador Professional Malpractice case, we’re here to expertly serve you on purely a contingency fee basis in for such type Ecuador legal cases.
Ecuadorian Citizenship Requirements & Ecuador Naturalization, Ecuadorian Passport Requirements, plus if or when necessary, US Expat Taxes for Americans living in Ecuador, including US Income Taxes & FBAR IRS Reporting for Ecuadorian Bank Accounts of $10,000+, as well as Opening a Company in Ecuador (i.e. Opening a Business in Ecuador) & Closing a Corporation in Ecuador (i.e. Closing Down a Company in Ecuador).
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